1. Clax Cart with Option of 1 or 2 Folding Crates

    Cart Specifications
    Weight 14.77 lbs
    - Top Shelf 44 lbs
    - Bottom Shelf 88 lbs (130 lbs if not loading top shelf)
    Crate (included with cart)
    - Open 21"x15"11"
    - Folded 2.75"tall
    Quantity Discounts Available!
    Handle Height 40.5"
    Wheel Width 21.5"
    Wheel Length 28"
    Upper Shelf 21.5"d x 15"w x 23"t
    Lower Shelf 21.5"d x 15"w x 5.5"t
    Folded 7"t x 28"l x 21.5"w
    Shipping Ships parcel in 20” x 29” x 8” box weighing 21 pounds, or in 20” x 29” x 15” when ordering two at a time or with an extra folding crate
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