SalesMaker Carts

From Here to There

Everyone has an origin story. And ours started with, of all things, a copier. 

If you’ve ever tried moving a copier before, you know it’s a process unlike any other. Honestly, it’s terrible. But it did lead to an idea that turned into the company you’re reading about right now. 

What began with the moving of one single copier, now boasts two stocking warehouses nationwide. It just goes to show you never know where a great idea will come from. 

Let’s Talk Carts

We are incredibly proud of the product we put out. For starters, our carts are actually handmade. It’s not the most efficient way to craft carts, but in our opinion it’s the only way. When you make something by hand, you know you’re not taking any shortcuts. 

We also only use the best components. At SalesMaker Carts, we define the best as the finest grade aluminum. We chose this type of metal for a few reasons. It’s known for exceptional strength. It’s lightweight. And it’s forgiving. These are all incredible traits to have when you’re in the business of crafting carts. 

Now let’s talk about how adaptable our carts are. They’re quite substantial. So much so, our weight capacity can withstand up to 1000 pounds. They’re also convenient to store. They’ll fit comfortably into full-size vans, or can fold down compactly to squeeze into the trunk of a sedan. 

Do you see a lot of stairs in your future? Not to worry. We have a cart designed specifically for navigating steps, too. 

The Why

We got into this business simply because we saw a need for making transporting equipment easier. But the more we dove into the mechanics of this industry we discovered an amazing monetary benefit, as well. SalesMaker Carts can help protect your most important asset – your people.

For starters, what would normally require multiple people can now easily turn into a one-person job. The value in this alone is limitless. And, of course, our line of carts will help eliminate the potential danger of injury. By investing in a SalesMaker Cart, your reducing the risk of lost workdays due to back issues.

Let’s Find Your Cart

Our goal has always been to make things easier for our customers. We know that all of us are unique in the set of needs we may have. Regardless of what yours may be, we have the cart. Let’s go find it.